Microsoft  1995 redux
One theme in some of the Microsoft Live reports (not that I’ve read all 600 or so) is the comparison between 2005 and the great Web announcement of 1995 and, to a lesser extent, the .Net announcement from 2000. It’s
There aint no Santy clause
If only all worms and viruses could be killed this quickly: Santy, which exploited a weakness in the bulletin board software phpBB was spotted doing its dirty work… The worm uses the Google search engine to try and find vulnerable
Bowie knifes Doctor Who rumour
Who dunnit: Rumours scotched. Photograph: Martin Rickett/PA Not much to do with technology, this one, but you might be interested in it anyway. This morning’s Sun claimed that David Bowie – the original star man – was being lined up
Is Googles Lively a knock-off of IMVU
When I blogged Google’s launch of Lively, I mentioned several similar systems including Imvu, But I did notice a couple of comments to posts on other blogs to the effect that Google hired one of Imvu’s co-founders to help it